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GraphConnect Conference

Editor’s Note: Dhia Mahjoub joined OpenDNS in early 2012 as a security researcher.

It’s been a great journey since I joined OpenDNS to work on exciting, cutting-edge research projects involving DNS, networks, security and big data. Given my background in research on graph algorithms, I was on the lookout for conferences about graphs in the city. My curiosity was rewarded when I discovered that GraphConnect was taking place in San Francisco at the Hyatt Regency on November 5-6. I registered ...

Meet Umbrella: Mobile, Roaming and Everywhere Security by OpenDNS

After a lot of hard work and testing, Umbrella is finally here. Umbrella takes the existing OpenDNS business security offering and extends it dramatically to support roaming Macs, PCs and iOS devices, all managed under one Web-based dashboard.

It’s the only solution available today that protects nomadic workers who use iPhones, iPads, and Windows and Mac laptops, while also providing comprehensive network security for headquarters, distributed offices, retail locations and Wi-Fi hotspots.

This is game-changing for IT. For the last seven years we’ve ...