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Enough about Big Data. Let’s talk Big Information.

Editorial note: During April and May, OpenDNS CTO Dan Hubbard will share his thoughts on where security will see the most disruption in the near future in this five-part blog series.


“Big Data” is one of the hottest topics in technology today. The term is over used and too-broadly describes anything that represents large amounts of data. Loosely defined, I would say that in order for something to be termed “Big Data” ...

A movie about security, and why we’re contributing.

An all-star team of security minds are coming together to make a movie, and OpenDNS just kicked in funds to help cover production and also host the film’s San Francisco premiere. Why’d we get involved? Simple.

For the amount the world relies on the Internet, the average user knows too little about its dark underbelly. The film, appropriately titled Zero Day — which features everyone’s favorite investigative reporter Brian Krebs — has been granted unprecedented access. From the trailer it appears ...