Introducing SecureRank, a large-scale discovery algorithm for predictive detection


At OpenDNS, terabytes of data flow in and out everyday. It takes creativity and solid data science skills to innovate ways to transform an enormous amount of data into security discoveries. 

In a series of blogs, we will share algorithmic details of our home-grown discovery algorithms that leverage big data, machine learning and graph theory to make predictive detections. 

We start off with SecureRank, which has been presented at a couple security community meet-ups recently. If you haven’t seen it, or prefer ...

Attention All Elite Security Experts!

Umbrella Security Labs is still searching for smart, passionate people to join our security community and help keep the Internet safe for millions of OpenDNS users worldwide.

Similar to the Domain Tagging Community, which submits websites to be voted on, reviewed and categorized for any OpenDNS networks that utilize Web filtering, the security community focuses specifically on potentially malicious domains, which are similarly submitted and reviewed before eventually being categorized. 

Not just anyone can classify a malware domain. Simply loading the domain ...

A look at the relationship between parked domains and malware


For a quick interview podcast on this blog with Dhia go here.

The Umbrella Security Labs research team uses several algorithms and techniques to discover new malicious domains, including our proprietary technology the Umbrella Security Graph. We are constantly looking at data in new ways, both in performing experiments that could help us uncover malicious, or potentially malicious domains, and in attempting to develop new algorithms and data mining methods. 

After a recent experiment that uses a method for discovering new, ...

How the infrastructure behind the OpenDNS global network powers Umbrella reporting

The Umbrella Security Labs research team has been sharing frequently about how they’re leveraging Big Data to predict unknown threats. And, the OpenDNS and Umbrella product teams have been working to improve the quality and speed of reports in our user Dashboards. The foundation of each of those discussions is how our infrastructure team handles the data itself. This post is an exploration of how OpenDNS handles the massive amounts of data we process daily, without downtime or performance ...


Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Large Scale Production Engineering meet up group at Yahoo’s office in Sunnyvale. The group meets monthly to discuss various technologies related to running large production environments. This past week the topic was dynamic scaling, with presentations from Coburn Watson of Netflix, Aren Sandersen of Pinterest, and Sebastian Stadil of Scalr.

Over the past few years, it’s been really exciting to see how a number of companies have started utilizing cloud providers for ...