New Malware Sites using Blackhole Exploit Kit v2.0

Last week blackhat hackers posted a translated advertisement, which was targeted to criminals. The offer was an upgraded, stealthier version of the very popular kit labeled “Blackhole”. Same price, better features, bigger exploits.


OpenDNS security researchers share below our analysis of new malware domains associated with this new threat. For reference on what “Blackhole” is or has recently exploited, read our past blog posts (here and here).

We have collected 47 new domains associated with Blackhole. Some domains may be used for malware distribution ...

S4 con: A success

In March of this year I relocated to San Francisco to join OpenDNS. Much to my satisfaction, I soon found that this city and the surrounding Bay Area has a substantial security community, comprised of researchers, administrators and generally invested individuals. The only thing missing, it seemed, was a way to bring all of these people together.

It’s for exactly this reason that we hosted the first ever S4: the San Francisco Summer Security Series.

S4 brings ...