Java 0-Day Details

Earlier this week, the security community learned that CVE-2012-4681, a recent Java-based zero-day vulnerability, is being leveraged to attack client machines, and fear it will cause large-scale infections soon. The vulnerability was reportedly discovered  about four months ago, but iust became public knowledge last Sunday.

What does OpenDNS know about this exploit?

So far we have collected  over 200 different domains. These domains are hosted on 26 different server IP addresses. These servers are located in 7 different countries: Russia (6 locations), US (11 locations), UK ...

Visualizing Threats in Big Data

Big Data

There are hundreds of millions of domains registered on the Internet’s authoritative DNS name servers. And hundreds of thousands new or modified registrations occur every day. Some of these are legitimate, but many are for malicious purposes. The security community flags a tiny fraction of these existing, new and modified domain registrations as bad.

OpenDNS handles recursive DNS resolution for about 2% of the Internet’s users. Every day, we receive DNS queries for hundreds of millions of these same domains. ...