S4: San Francisco Summer Security Series

I’m excited to announce that OpenDNS is hosting two nights of presentations, demonstrations and networking over the summer in our new office in San Francisco.

We’re calling it the San Francisco Summer Security Series, or “S4,” and it runs on two separate nights, Thursday, July 19 and Thursday, August 23, 2012.

We have a great mix of companies from the Bay Area attending and presenting some of their latest research topics.

If you’re a security researcher, developer or an admin, please drop by ...

Disruption in Security: A New Paradigm for Prevention

Editorial note: Over the past few months OpenDNS CTO Dan Hubbard has shared his thoughts on where security will see the most disruption in the near future. This is the final chapter in the five-part blog series.

The fifth and final Disruption in Security post addresses perhaps the greatest change in how IT security professionals currently think about security.

Traditional security practices, tools and the VAST majority of corporate spend is around authentication, access control, firewalls and anti-virus products. These are predominately ...

Unique insight into Flame malware

For the past week the OpenDNS Security Research team has been closely collaborating with security company Kaspersky Lab to better understand Flame, the complex malware toolkit infecting targeted systems in Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Sudan and other Middle Eastern and North African states. As the world’s largest Internet security network and DNS provider, serving more than 50 million Internet users, OpenDNS is in a highly opportune position to decipher malware like Flame. In partnership with Kaspersky, we’ve been specifically monitoring its ...